Zelwin Airdrop by DigiFinex (ZLW)

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Zelwin Airdrop by DigiFinex (ZLW)

Zelwin Airdrop by DigiFinex (ZLW)

A total of 788 ZLW tokens will be shared.

  • Estimated Value: $2.2
  • Tokens Per Airdrop: A total of 788 ZLW
  • Tokens Per Referral: 10% rebate of transaction fees
  • Platform: ETH



Zelwin is an online market place that combines digital assets with e-commerce. A huge advantage of this platform that for every purchase, customers get guaranteed cashback in ZLW tokens. They instantly be able to exchange these tokens for various cryptocurrencies, USD/EUR, send them to VISA/MasterCard or save them up. In addition, it’s ready-made product with a clear business model and with a mass adoption.

DigiFinex is a world leading digital assets trading platform, focusing on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. DigiFinex is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore. Their presence across Asia makes them the preferred trading platform of more than 2 million users across the globe.

It was founded by blockchain enthusiasts and the core team come from well-known technology companies such as Xunlei, Tencent, and Baidu. Their services include IEOs, project listings, OTC, and margin trading.

Zelwin and DigiFinex Exchange are airdropping a total of 788 ZLW tokens to their community members. Register your account on DigiFinex Exchange, complete your KYC verification to receive 0.5 ZLW token. Complete few simple social media tasks to get an equal share from a pool of 288 ZLW tokens. Also, refer others to get 10% rebate of transaction fees.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in Zelwin Airdrop by DigiFinex (ZLW):

  1. Visit the Zelwin Airdrop by DigiFinex page
  2. Register your account at Digifinex Exchange and verify your email
  3. Login to your account and complete your KYC
  4. First 1000 participants will get 0.5 ZLW token
  5. Share the event posters to Facebook and Twitter, tag @Zelwinofficial and submit your details to this airdrop form to get an equal share from a pool of 288 ZLW tokens
  6. Event time: July 17, 2020 17:00 (GMT+8) to July 26, 2020 17:00 (GMT+8)
  7. Rewards will be distributed within 5 working days after the airdrop ends

NOTE: For more details regarding this Airdrop see this Official post.


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Zelwin Launched on DigiFinex - 1288 ZLW Candy Airdrop


Requirements for Zelwin Airdrop by DigiFinex (ZLW):

Telegram required Twitter required Reddit required Instagram required YouTube required KYC required Facebook required E-Mail required
No Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes


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About Zelwin - Video:

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