Vostok Airdrop Round 2 (VST)

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Vostok Airdrop Round 2 (VST)

Vostok Airdrop Round 2 (VST)

A total of 10,000,000 VST tokens will be Airdropped to WAVES and WCT holders.

  • Estimated Value: NA
  • Tokens Per Airdrop:
  • Tokens Per Referral: NA
  • Platform: WAVES



The Vostok proof-of-stake (PoS) private blockchain platform is leveraging the latest advances in the blockchain technology by implementing Waves-NG. Its a next-generation consensus algorithm, increasing network capacity, stability and speed. Vostok has been created to connect large-scale enterprises, public administration services, banks, registries and payment providers to form the foundation of next-generation infrastructure for certifying, registering and tracking the data.

Vostok is airdropping a total of 10,000,000 VST tokens for WAVES and WCT holders.

Step-by-Step Guide to get Vostok Airdrop Round 2 (VST):

  1. Vostok Airdrop is for WAVES and WCT holders. Buy WAVES from Binance or any other exchange / Waves Decentralized Exchange.
  2. The airdrop will be conducted to all Waves addresses, excluding known exchanges. So, hold Waves in your personal wallet.
  3. Your address must contain a minimum of 1 WAVES or 1 WCT token, or both to be eligible for Vostok Airdrop.
  4. Same amount of VST tokens will be airdropped to both WAVES and WCT token holders.
  5. Verify your Waves wallet account before 31st May by using one of the following options:
  6. Option 1: Install Waves Keeper browser extension and visit Official Airdrop page, click on ‘Auth with Waves Keeper’
  7. Option 2: Send 0.0001 WAVES to the address: 3PBNiHBcp8rxiYkGVGNHEGZHEamb1aXeWVv
  8. There will be daily snapshots of WAVES and/or WCT holdings for every address and will be averaged over the period of 1st April to 31st May. Distribution will be made according to the average balance over this time period.
  9. The airdrop will be distributed on the Waves platform after snapshot date. Once Vostok’s Mainnet is operational, the asset will be swapped for VST which will likely occur in early summer of 2019.

Note: Users who do not follow the verification process between 1st April,2019 to 31st May,2019 will not receive an airdrop for the second phase.


Vostok round 2 (VST) Airdrop using Waves Keeper Browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Chromium, Opera) Extention


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