StormGain Cloud Miner Airdrop (USDT)

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StormGain Cloud Miner Airdrop

StormGain Cloud Miner Airdrop (USDT)

Get Free USDT tokens.

  • Estimated Value: $10
  • Tokens Per Airdrop: 10 USDT
  • Tokens Per Referral: NA
  • Platform:



StormGain is a crypto trading platform for everyone. StormGain gives you opportunities in both rising and falling markets and allows you to trade the most popular cryptocurrency pairs with up to 150x multiplier.

StormGain offers a variety of order types and trading tools, customized buy/sell signals and the lowest fees among competitors — everything you need to fully embrace trading experience. Combining traditional and advanced trading features, a user-friendly interface, and 24/7 customer support, StormGain offers an all-in-one solution for all of your cryptocurrency trading needs.

StormGain is airdropping free USDT tokens to their exchange users. Register your account on StormGain Exchange, go to the Cloud Miner section and follow few simple steps to receive your free USDT tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in StormGain Cloud Miner Airdrop (USDT):

  1. Visit the StormGain Cloud Miner Airdrop page
  2. Register for a new account
  3. Verify your email and login to your account
  4. Add phone number under your “Profile Settings”
  5. Go to the Cloud Miner section and click on the mining button after every 4 hours (The process doesn’t use your CPU at all)
  6. You will get free BTC depending on the bitcoin block production time
  7. After you’ve mined the equivalent of at least 10 USDT in Bitcoin, click the Withdraw button
  8. Credit of the profit to your account will be completed in 72 hours
  9. Mining profit will be credited to your USDT trading account

NOTE: Profit can be used for trading purposes only, no withdrawals or exchanges are allowed.


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Requirements for StormGain Cloud Miner Airdrop (USDT):

Telegram required Twitter required Reddit required Instagram required YouTube required Medium required Facebook required E-Mail required
No No No No No No No Yes


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Never share your Private Key with anyone! Never send any crypto to get free airdrop tokens!

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

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