Solana Airdrop by MXC (SOL)

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Solana Airdrop by MXC (SOL)

Solana Airdrop by MXC (SOL)

A total of $20,000 worth of SOL tokens will be distributed.

  • Estimated Value: $20,000
  • Tokens Per Airdrop: A total of $20,000 worth of SOL tokens will be distributed + Chance to earn $500 worth of SOL tokens
  • Tokens Per Referral:
  • Platform: Own Blockchain



Solana is a high-speed single-layer blockchain, currently supporting peak capacity of 65k transactions per second and 400ms block times with over 50 nodes. It is specifically built to scale transaction throughput with Moore’s Law. There is no sharding required to achieve this throughput.

Founded by former Qualcomm, Intel, and Dropbox engineers in late-2017, Solana is a single-chain Proof-of-Stake protocol whose focus is on delivering scalability without sacrificing decentralisation or security. At the core of Solana’s scaling solution is a decentralised clock titled Proof-of-History (PoH), built to solve the problem of time within distributed networks.

Solana and MXC are airdropping A total of $20,000 worth of SOL tokens to their first 10,000 airdrop participants. Register your account on MXC Exchange, follow them on all required social media platforms, complete the Solana quiz and submit your details to the airdrop page to receive your free SOL tokens. Also, invite at least one person by using your referral link.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in Solana Airdrop by MXC (SOL):

  1. Visit the Solana Airdrop by MXC page
  2. Register for a new account on MXC Exchange
  3. Verify your email and login to your account
  4. Register on the airdrop page
  5. Join Solana Telegram group
  6. Follow Solana on Twitter
  7. Subscribe to the Solana Newsletter
  8. Read the primer and complete the Solana Quiz at the bottom of the page
  9. Submit your details to the airdrop page by using your MXC Username (email)
  10. A total of $20,000 worth of SOL tokens will be distributed
  11. The first 10,000 participants will get 0.76 SOL tokens each
  12. 1 lucky participant who completes all the tasks will get $500 worth of SOL tokens
  13. 1000 lucky participants who complete all the tasks will get $15 worth of SOL tokens each
  14. Refer your friends to earn more SOL tokens
  15. Airdrop tokens will be distributed to your MXC Exchange account

NOTE: For more Information regarding this Airdrop see this Official post.


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Solana MXC Exchange Airdrop - $20000 USD in SOL Prizes For MXC users


Requirements for Solana Airdrop by MXC (SOL):

Telegram required Twitter required Reddit required Instagram required YouTube required KYC required Facebook required E-Mail required
Yes Yes No No No Yes No Yes


  • Airdrops Official Website
  • Airdrops Twitter Page

  • Airdrops Facebook Page
  • Airdrops Bitcointalk Thread

  • Airdrops Official Telegram
  • Airdrops Official Reddit

  • Airdrops Official Instagram
  • Airdrops Official LinkedIn

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