Elrond Trust Wallet Airdrop (EGLD)

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Elrond Trust Wallet Airdrop (EGLD)

Elrond Trust Wallet Airdrop (EGLD)

A total of $30,000 worth of EGLD coins will be airdropped.

  • Estimated Value: $30,000
  • Tokens Per Airdrop: A total of $30,000 worth of EGLD
  • Tokens Per Referral:
  • Platform: Elrond Network



Elrond is a next generation blockchain platform, solving scalability through sharding, efficiency through Secure Proof of Stake, and will enable EVM compliance by design. Elrond attempts to bring a 1000x improvement compared to the current status quo, aiming for 10,000 TPS, low latency, and minimal fees.

Trust Wallet is a multi cryptocurrency wallet that is able to operate as a DEX Wallet which can connect to decentralised exchanges. This unique multi-purpose crypto wallet app will support most cryptocurrencies across the board, and performs updates regularly to add new crypto tokens and features to make managing your crypto portfolio easier.

Elrond Network and Trust Wallet are airdropping a total of $30,000 worth of EGLD coins to their airdrop participants. Download and install Trust Wallet, submit your Elrond address to the airdrop page and follow few simple steps to get free EGLD coins.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in Elrond Network Trust Wallet Airdrop (EGLD):

  1. Visit the Elrond Trust Wallet Airdrop page
  2. Download Trust Wallet app for Android / iOS
  3. Create your wallet
  4. Follow Elrond Network on Twitter
  5. Follow Trust Wallet on Twitter
  6. Follow Beniamin Mincu on Twitter
  7. Follow Viktor Radchenko on Twitter
  8. Join Elrond Network Telegram group
  9. Tweet for Elrond Network
  10. Once you get at least 3 Retweets and 8 likes on your tweet you will get 0.135 EGLD coin
  11. Airdrop coin will be distributed to your account immediately

NOTE: Your Twitter account must have more than 20 followers and should be older than 30 days.


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Elrond Network Trust Wallet $30,000 USD Prize Pool - Join Twitter campaign and get eGOLD in your Trust Wallet


Requirements for Elrond Network Trust Wallet (EGLD):

Telegram required Twitter required Reddit required Instagram required YouTube required Trust Wallet required Facebook required E-Mail required
No Yes No No No Yes No No


  • Elrond Trust Wallet Airdrop (EGLD)
  • Elrond Trust Wallet Airdrop (EGLD)

  • Airdrops Facebook Page
  • Airdrops Bitcointalk Thread

  • Elrond Trust Wallet Airdrop (EGLD)
  • Airdrops Official Reddit

  • Airdrops Official Instagram
  • Airdrops Official LinkedIn

Elrond Keynote - Blockchain platform implementing Adaptive State Sharding and SPoS Video:

Never share your Private Key with anyone! Never send any crypto to get free airdrop tokens!

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

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