Cartesi Binance Airdrop (CTSI)

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Cartesi Binance Airdrop (CTSI)

Cartesi Binance Airdrop (CTSI)

20 Lucky Winners will get $100 worth of CTSI tokens each.

  • Estimated Value: $2000
  • Tokens Per Airdrop: 20 Lucky Winners will get $100 worth of CTSI tokens each
  • Tokens Per Referral: NA
  • Platform: Own Blockchain



Cartesi is the operating system for DApps. Complex and intensive computations run in a Linux environment, outside the blockchain, without compromising decentralization. Cartesi is making DApps significantly more powerful, cost-effective, and easier to develop. It is bringing mainstream productivity to developers and a better experience for DApp users.

Cartesi aims to bring mainstream productivity to DApp developers and a compelling experience for DApp users. Cartesi enables developers to code their DApps to run under the Linux operating system, greatly reducing the development cost and complexity, and making them portable across-chains.

Cartesi is airdropping $100 worth of CTSI tokens to 20 Lucky Winners each. Follow them on all required social media platforms and submit your details to the airdrop page.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate in Cartesi Binance Airdrop (CTSI):

  1. Visit the Cartesi Binance Airdrop page
  2. Submit your name and email address to register
  3. Complete few simple social media tasks mentioned on the Airdrop page
  4. 20 Lucky Winners will get $100 worth of CTSI tokens each
  5. Event end date – April 21, 2020

NOTE: Winners will be notified by email within 28 days of the closing date.


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Requirements for Cartesi Binance Airdrop (CTSI):

Telegram required Twitter required Reddit required Instagram required YouTube required Medium required Facebook required E-Mail required
Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes


  • Airdrops Official Website
  • Airdrops Twitter Page

  • Airdrops Facebook Page
  • Airdrops Bitcointalk Thread

  • Airdrops Official Telegram
  • Airdrops Official Reddit

  • Airdrops Official Instagram
  • Airdrops Official LinkedIn

Cartesi Bringing Real World Computations to the Blockchain - Video:

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